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Locally Made, Hand Crafted, Award Winning

Owners Randy & Sandy personally welcome you to our Spirits of Norway Vineyard website. Our locally made, hand crafted, award winning wines are sure to impress even the most distinguished of palates.



The Pride of Our Vineyard...Petite Pearl, Brianna and Marquette Grapes.

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Our Story

Randy and Sandy’s journey started off with discussions of starting a garden at the 15 acre homestead in the historic Town of Norway. Randy’s only request was to have a few grapevines. His idea grew into a one acre vineyard, with 600 vines in the ground!

As professional wine makers, and highly respected grape growers, the fruits of their labor continue to pay dividends with another record harvest of over 8,500 pounds of fruit. the highlight in 2018 for the boutique style winery was earning a Gold Medal and “Best of Class” honors at the Indy International Wine Competition at Purdue University.

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