Mid-Season Vineyard Report 2018

In my Spring Report, I stated concerns about the vineyard being three to four weeks behind our normal growing season. I am happy to report a larger than normal volume of fruit this year. By all indications the vineyard is on target for another record harvest. 
The grapes are maturing nicely with large clusters of grapes. My personal favorite grape growfng here on the estate is the Frontenac Blanc. The vines are mucho less aggressive compared to the loco Brianna. The Frontenac Blanc clusters are a beauty to my eyes. The Brianna grapes are already nearly four to five centimeters in size. All the Marquette vines and the Petite Pearl are growing very nicely. 
We are winning the war against insects and fungus but I'm sad to say we are loosing the battle with Mickey Mouse or as Mr. Randy call's them, Moles! "Ay Caramba" ! I ask our friends, if you have an idea, please let us know!

2018-07-09 18.02.12.jpg
Amy Schultzblog, 2018