2017 Vineyard Report

vineyard pic.jpg

We are proud to announce that Spirits of Norway Vineyard has processed a record setting crop of grape varietals in 2017. Much appreciation to all the volunteers who helped harvest over 8845 #’s of hybrid wine grapes. The quality of the grapes was exceptionally good. Higher cluster weights produced higher yields. The hot weather we experienced in September helped raise the sugar levels and assisted in the ripening process. The cooling trend that followed allowed for hang time without forcing harvest. Our plan for the Petite Pearl crop was to leave hanging as long as possible to achieve maximum ripening. Although we had some ripe fruit dropping during harvest, the final outcome far outweighed any loss of yield. The expectations are high for the 2017 Petite Pearl Wine currently aging in the tanks.

Miss Sandy had to purchase more tanks and has the winery full to capacity. Barely enough room to set up the bottling line. Mr. Randy has applied 500 pounds of winter fertilizer to the vineyard to keep feeding the vines all winter long. The vines are bare and will wait till March/April for pruning.

See you in spring!

Spirits of Norway Vineyard